4 Deuces Gaming, LLC
Based in United States

Founding date:
October 2016


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Troubled Waters: Save Alex


4 Deuces Gaming, LLC was created by two like-minded friends, David Hrizak and Chris Smith. They both wanted to create casual, entertaining games to help create an escape from everyday life. They've spent the better half of 2016 creating their company and working to debut their first mobile game, Troubled Waters. Their creative minds have many more ideas, which they are working to bring to you in 2017.



David and Chris started developing ideas for a new gaming company in early 2016. Throughout the year they worked together to create 4 Deuces Gaming, LLC that would bring a new interactive mobile game to the market. They officially began 4 Deuces Gaming, LLC in October of 2016 and released their first game, Troubled Waters, in January 2017.



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Troubled Waters Banner


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Troubled Waters Game UI



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