Our Vision

4 Deuces Gaming, LLC was founded by David Hrizak and Chris Smith after formulating the business plan in early 2016 with a vision of creating casual, entertaining games to help people escape everyday life. They officially started their company in October of 2016 with the idea of Troubled Waters being their first mobile gaming app. Since starting the company they have been working tirelessly to get Troubled Waters out to market for others to enjoy. They have many other ideas for other entertaining games, which they will continue to work on to bring to you in 2017.

Our Mission

  • To create mobile games that will take the audience away from reality and into the game environment.
  • To constantly be developing new and exciting games and adventures for our audience.
  • To have fun in whatever we do.


Core Beliefs

David and Chris started this company after being friends for years. Their business is based off their friendship, like minded ideals, as well as complementary skills. They base their future off of one phrase: "Whatever we do, we should have fun doing it." With this as their intention they both have worked extremely hard in creating a fun experience for their players.