Meet the Team

We're a like-minded duo with complementary talents and big dreams,  with the determination to make them a reality.


Dave Hrizak


Successful entrepreneur handling all things business and marketing related


Chris Smith


Mobile & web developer converting ideas into reality.

Now available for iOS / Android

TROUBLED WATERS...... an interactive story game where you communicate directly with a teenage castaway. Alex has been thrown overboard and needs help in making life and death decisions via a working radio that only you have been able to receive communications from. Relying on you for guidance, Alex will ask for help in making over 280 vital decisions. If you are unavailable, you will receive notifications similar to a text message and you can respond when it is convenient for you. Be careful though! Helping Alex survive will become an addicting part of your life, and you will be anxious for a response back! Can you save Alex?

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